The Head Gardeners Survival Manual

The Head Gardeners Survival Manual

The Head Gardeners Survival Manual

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The first, the original unique manual written for prospective Head Gardeners – those aiming to join the ranks of Britain’s Head Gardener fraternity – guiding the reader through the various stages from identifying a likely position, going through the process of writing curriculum vitaes, getting through the interview stages and clinching the job!


Moving in a progressive and logical chain of events, from starting out on Day One, introducing yourself to the new staff, conducting a survey and inventory of your department, producing work site programmes and setting out a three-year plan for the garden.


Essentially, the first ever book produced for Head Gardeners, the Survival Manual provides the answers to many questions, including staff management, coping with difficult situations and compiling budgets!


It is a toolkit manual, a reference book and the best friend a Head Gardener could wish for!



Take a look at the manual below:


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