Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass – Standard Specification for Domestic Lawns

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Specifying and Installing Artificial Grass is a skilled profession.

There is currently no British Standard Specification for laying artificial grass, leading to many projects failing through lack of site research and investigation before making decisions regarding fundamental issues such as soil conditions and drainage requirements.

With a very wide range of pile depth, weight, density and strength of manufacture in the various grass matting available in the marketplace, it can be a bewildering subject. This book sets out in clear and concise detail every aspect from Site Assessing, Estimating, Working Safely, Site Preparation, Installing and Maintenance of the finished product.

Written by one of Britain’s leading landscapers with over fifty years of experience, and endorsed by Industry Leaders, Training Facilities, Suppliers and Installers for use by Garden Designers, Specifiers and Landscapers.


Take a look at the AG Standards Guide:


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