The Landscaper’s Survival Manual 2

The Landscaper’s Survival Manual 2


This revised and updated (2023) version of the second book in the Survival Manual series, this is the first book to take a serious look at the Landscape Industry, dedicated to providing answers to those questions that are never discussed at College or on general management guides concerning successfully running a business. It is industry specific, primarily landscaping in the domestic market.


The Landscaper’s Survival Manual is written by someone with over forty years of experience in the garden construction business. It is definitely NOT a gardening book, neither is it a general guide. It is a hard-nosed, hard-hitting volume produced by a veteran of the business.


Written by a Professional Landscaper for Professional Landscapers.


With many hundreds of garden builds under his belt, working throughout the UK and Europe, including over sixty RHS Medal winning gardens as designer and project manager, Founder of The Association of Professional Landscapers, RHS Show Gardens Judge and Award-winning columnist for The Horticulture Week magazine, Alan’s depth and wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry is reflected in the pages of The Landscaper’s Survival Manual.


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