Contracts and Commisions


Harrow Boys School – London

 Alan has been commissioned by Harrow School to undertake a wide variety of projects, with the overall aim of continuing to enhance the gardens and grounds (not playing fields) of this wonderful historic site. Working with the Gardens Team to introduce ‘Landscape’ skills and logic into their working patterns, and increase their personal enjoyment of maintaining the very diverse and complex gardens, both ‘Private’ and ‘Public’. This commission is likely to end during the Spring of 2016.

New Head Gardener for a major Private garden in Weybridge. Part of Alan’s Management services includes finding the right New Head Gardener for individual sites. He is not an Employment Agent, but undertakes the whole programme (as required) including writing the job specification, advertisements and interviewing prospective candidates before making a recommendation to the owners. This work is a big responsibility (!) and a great deal of thought, research and trepidation is called for!